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JBL Stacaravans

JBL Stacaravans & Chalets are an established family run business operating in the recreation and leisure industry since 1992. We are a supplier of mobile homes and chalets and also have a cosy campsite situated in Limburg, Netherlands. Family values, solidarity and quality service are of paramount importance to us, and as a team, we want to ensure our customers recognise this.

At JBL, we strive for quality and customer satisfaction, which is why we are proud to offer the high-quality Atlas mobile homes on the Dutch and German markets. A wide range of Atlas models can be viewed on our showground, for example:

Wisteria Lodge (double chalet)

Atlas Festival

Atlas Sahara (central lounge)

Atlas Chorus

Atlas Mirage

Of course, all mobile homes and lodges from the Atlas brochure can be ordered.

We are very active online! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to get to know us better!