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Real time production scanning

20/06/2023 News

Here at Atlas, we’re always looking for ways to make our production process more innovative.


Our current system of logging vans on and off the lines is very antiquated and relies on our operatives leaving the line and manually inputting this information into a computer, which can result in human error and inaccurate information being logged.

A project team, headed by Mike Noble and Patrick Rex-Hellesoe, have been working on developing a more sophisticated process for logging this information. This would consist of attaching a barcode sticker to the chassis prior to production, using a handheld barcode scanner to scan the chassis as it arrives on the line and then again at the end of the line as it leaves a complete unit. These handheld scanner docks will be sited on the line where our operatives are working, which will ensure the action is recorded, and this ease of use will improve accuracy. The information that the scanner records will be transferred to an online system, including the date and time that it arrived and left the line, the operative who logged this information and what batch/model the barcode relates to. Each worker that will have access to the system will have their own personal login and password, making the system more secure and the data more reliable.

Another benefit of this new system is that it will help to identify gaps on the lines, which will provide better management information to improve workflow and smooth production. It is an innovative new step in our production process. We hope that this system will be in place by September, and we eagerly await the positive impact this will have for the business.