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The Fanfare 1 Holiday Home brings a new dimension to the Atlas range, with an affordable, family-friendly space.

The airy living area holds L-shaped fixed seating (which can include a pull-out bed), an integrated TV stand, fixed dinette with bench seating and functional corner kitchen.

With two and three bedrooms models available, you will have enough space for the full family to get away.

Floor Plans

2 bed fanfare

2 bedroom

Bed Sizes


3 bed fanfare

3 bedroom

Bed Sizes


3D Walkthrough

Features & Optional Extras

Standard features

  • L-shaped fixed lounge seating

  • Integrated TV stand

Popular Selected Options

  • Coffee table

  • Pull out bed to lounge

Standard features

  • 4-burner gas cooker

  • Stainless steel kitchen tap and sink

  • Fixed dinette with bench seating (including upholstered seat pads)

Popular Selected Options

  • Re-circulating cooker extractor

  • Under counter fridge

  • Integrated microwave

Standard features

  • GRP enclosed shower (with temperature-controlled thermostat)

Standard features

  • Full height fitted wardrobe

  • Bedside shelf

Standard features

  • Silver & Chartreuse curtains

  • Everyday lighting

Popular Selected Options

  • Warm Winter Pack

  • Electric Warm Pack

Standard features

  • Feature vaulted rooflinePr

Popular Selected Options

  • Pre galvanised chassis

  • Fully galvanised chassis

  • Environmental colours (Green only - no cladding type or window colour options)