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Create lasting memories in your Atlas Holiday Home

05/08/2022 News

Have you ever been transported back to a specific memory or moment in time following the hint of a certain scent?

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This is called associative memory, it is a memory of a connection or a relationship between two things, like a smell and a place.

But why is smell such a memory trigger? Neuroscientists suggest that the close physical connections between the regions of the brain linked to memory, emotion, and our sense of smell could explain why our brain learns to associate smells with certain emotional memories.

Vivid childhood memories can often be conjured up by smell because as children we would likely be experiencing an aroma for the first time, and potentially somewhere new.

There is also research to show that smells can impact your everyday feelings, behaviour, and mood. Once you discover what emotions certain smells evoke, you could utilise this new recognition to enrich and nourish yourself daily.

Your Holiday Home may also benefit from a little aromatherapy!

Finding a new uplifting but different scent to the ordinary could not only create a more content family whilst on holiday, but also allow yourself to associate that smell with happy memories for a lifetime.

We have teamed up with fellow Yorkshire based business Chapter Organics to offer our lovely customers a 15% discount in August on their full Chapter Organics range of aromatherapy products. Just type Atlaslh into the promo-code box during checkout.

Chapter Organics use only natural, aromatherapy and essential oils and natural plant and seed ingredients. Zero fragrance oils or synthetics. You can take their wellbeing quiz which will help guide you to a fragrance perfect for you.

Try it out here: