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ERP system

05/07/2023 News

At Atlas, we pride ourselves on being open to new ways of working. A project team, made up of Robert Harrison, Steve Drew, Scarlett Gawthorpe and Holly Yard have been working on streamlining key business functions. These include using an ERP system for operations, sales, finance, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it has replaced an outdated system to enhance our processes and reporting, making us more efficient as a business.

Benefits of this system include centralised data management, enhanced collaboration and communication, improved planning and resource management, and process automation. Speaking to the project team, they believe it’s one of the biggest projects that Atlas has initiated to date. A significant amount of resource has been invested, and we’re looking to go live in the next few weeks. Quoting the team, they explained “The new ERP system will provide us with a comprehensive and integrated view of our operations, enabling us to streamline processes, optimise resources, improve productivity, and make informed decisions that drive business growth and success”.

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