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How to prepare a holiday home for winter

21/11/2023 News

Whilst some holiday parks are open all year round, some close for the winter and it’s important that your holiday home or lodge is prepared as cold weather and winter conditions can take its toll. In this blog post, we bring you some handy tips and checks to do before you shut down for the season.

Debonair Lodge Winter

Deep clean and clear out

Having a clear out of anything you may no longer want or need at the end of the season will give you more space and be one less job to do come spring. A deep clean is also beneficial; it should prevent the build up of dust and dirt over the winter period. To avoid any unwanted visitors, remove bedding and food from cupboards as they can make a welcome feast and nest for vermin.

Ensure your home is secure

  • Leave no garden furniture outside or on your decking
  • Make sure no valuables are on show
  • All windows and doors should be locked

Appliances, utilities, and plumbing

  • Empty the fridge and freezer, turn it off and leave the doors open
  • Unplug all electrical appliances
  • Drain down the caravan to ensure all water is completely flushed out of the water system

Preventing damp

Winter is often the time when you experience damp conditions, and avoiding damp is key to preventing mould growth, which can not only damage your holiday home, but is detrimental to your health

  • Pull all furniture away from walls and windows and into the centre of your holiday home, if possible
  • Leave all interior doors open to allow air circulation
  • Keep air vents clear
  • Remove curtains and/or nets to prevent them from getting damp
  • Place moisture traps or salt bowls around your holiday home

Remember to refer to this guide or your Atlas owner's handbook every winter to ensure you’re leaving your home away from home safe and secure!